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I do enjoy a good rebus mixed with a terrible pun.

Various web experiments pop up and disappear in the Lab.

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My work explores the relationship between Jungian archetypes and life as performance. With influences as diverse as Rousseau and Frida Kahlo, new insights are created from both traditional and modern narratives deriving from both mundane and transcendant discourse.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the theoretical limits of the zeitgeist. What starts out as vision soon becomes finessed into a carnival of distress, leaving only a sense of unreality and the inevitability of—


That is all made-up bunk. I commend you for getting this far in an artist statement. That highfalutin mush-mash came from a statement-generator made by the clever people at artybollocks.com.

Actually, my work consists of the weirdness that is brewed up in my brain and escapes through my hands in the forms of sculptures, drawings, and paintings. Most reveal themselves as funky fiends, mischievous monsters, ridiculous robots, and other alliterative abominations. I am inspired by Maurice Sendak, Charles Addams, Theodor Geisel, Rube Goldberg, Gary Larson, Salvador Dali, Claus Oldenburg, and others.

– Scott Sauer

Scott Sauer